Tree Trimming for Milford MI

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Arborist Climbing A Tree

Responsible Trimming / Pruning

Removing competing branches, cleaning out dead wood, crown reduction, and more. At Ascension Tree Care, we trim and prune in a way that prioritizes the overall health and structural integrity of your tree.

We mitigate common improper pruning techniques such as topping, leaving large stubs, or over pruning.

These techniques can lead to structural weakness, decay and disease.

Structural Clearance

Michigan storms are no joke! Our customers trust us to ensure the safety of their property and those around them.

Trimming trees that overhang your property helps prevent property damage, injury, or power outages caused by fallen branches.

Elevation Pruning

Are you tired of hitting your head on low hanging branches when you mow? Let our certified arborists raise the raise the canopy in a way that encourages growth and longevity of your trees! 

Crown Reduction

Do you worry about your tree, but can’t imagine your yard without it? Our certified arborists will analyze the dimensions of your tree to map out which branches we can remove to improve the structural integrity of your tree. 

Deadwood Removal

Dead branches can’t fall on your house or person if they’re professionally turned into wood chips! Give us a call and we’ll proactively remove any dead branches before they remove themselves. 

ISA Certified Arborist Tree Trimming

Located in the heart of Oakland County, Milford, Michigan, is a gem of Midwestern charm.

This quaint village is a harmonious blend of historic architecture and natural splendor, where serene streets give way to lush greenery and canopy-covered pathways.

The Huron River meanders through Milford, providing residents with breathtaking views and tranquil living.

The trees of Milford, ranging from whispering pines to robust oaks, stand as silent witnesses to its growth and evolution, playing an essential role in the village’s unique identity and the well-being of its inhabitants.

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