Tree Health Assessment for Milford MI

Gain Insight Into The Health Of Your Trees

Serving Milford, Commerce, West Bloomfield, Highland, White Lake, Clarkston, Novi and Lake Orion

Tree HealthAssessment

About Our Tree Health Assessments

The trees on your property are an asset that directly impacts it’s value.  Unfortunately, in our line of work, we see those assets turn into liabilities more often than we’d like. 

Schedule an Arborist Consultation with our ISA Certified Arborists and gain insight into the long term health and structural integrity of your tree assets.

Our Tree Health Assessment Report 

  • Tree Species Analysis
  • Approximate Tree Age Report
  • Invasive Species Investigation
  • Tree Disease Diagnosis / Treatment
  • Risk Profile Assessment

Level II Arborist Consultation

  • Visual assessment
  • Basic sounding
  • Full walk around
  • Root flare examination

Level III Arborist Consultation

  • Everything included in Level II
  • In tree defect examination
  • Structural integrity – Resistograph / Tomography
  • Sample collection and analysis


ISA Certified Tree Health Assessment

In the picturesque village of Milford, Michigan, the lush tree canopy is more than just a backdrop; it’s an integral part of the community’s identity.

Ensuring the health and vitality of these trees is paramount. Tree health assessments conducted by professionals play a crucial role in this regard.

Early signs of disease, pest infestations, or structural problems can be identified through these assessments, allowing for timely interventions.

These evaluations not only help prolong the trees’ life but also ensure the safety of the residents, as weakened or diseased trees can pose potential risks.

For Milford, a proactive approach to tree health is an investment in its green future and the continued beauty of the community.